This is a sequence of shots taken with the A9, and the 200-600 plus 1.4 TC. The focal length was an FF equivalent of 840mm, the lens was wide open at F9, and the shutter speed was 1/2000 s. This was a large vulture flying slowly from right to left. It couldn't be easier. In this series of 52 shots, there was only 1 in focus. This series shows 35 of them. At the beginning there are no green AF points activated, only the orange final focal point. The orange FP loses the bird after 3 or 4 shots. Then you see the AF points and the FP at the right hand side of the frame, miles from the bird. Then they randomly dot around the screen, almost always missing the subject. It doesn't begin to find the subject until shot 26 of the series, and even then it keeps missing the bird. All the shots were out of focus on inspection.

Even if the shots had been in focus, I could not have used the images, as the resolution and noise levels were dreadful.